Arthur Whetstone

I liked everything about them. They were very good. They knew what they were doing. It took a little while to get everything done, but they were extremely busy because of storms in the area. They did a really good job. Their people are thoroughly trained and very good at what they do. It wasn’t an easy job that they undertook and I was pleased with them. I went to 2 or 3 others and that’s why I selected them. I would use them again in the future.

James Fine

It’s not that complicated. He and his crew came out and cut the tree. Didn’t damage any property. Did a fine job. Very pleased.

Judy B Seiters

There is no doubt that we will call Roberts Tree Service again. It is a joy to find a company that truly cares not only about trees and taking pride in a job well done but their clients as well.

William Brainerd

They were very good and efficient. They cleaned up very well. They arrived when they said they would. They did a good job. They checked back with me to make sure that I was satisfied. The price was market value. I made several comparisons and got several quotes. They were within their competitor’s price so they were competitive. I left a message and they called back right away. They were good all around. They were very courteous, friendly and very professional. I would use them again.

Kent Silvas

Called and they responded quickly. He came and gave an honest and reasonable quote. Unlike other tree services, he didn’t come in and advise me to cut down every tree in my yard. My yard is quite tight and the Maple was hanging over a studio, which presented a few challenges. They didn’t have a problem, did all the work by climbing and cutting, and removing every thing by hand.Left the site clean and came back and gave me a huge load of mulch. Now these guys aren’t going to show up with all the latest gadgets and matching tee-shirts and act like car sales men with phony smiles and such. They do a good job for a great price.

Barbara Marks

After the March 2 tornado, I called 3 of the highest rated companies listed on Angie’s List. Estimates ranged from $1500 to $3300 for 2 trees. One was laying atop our shed and the other was a tall pine that was not damaged. The representative from Roberts was the most professional and did not have to “think about” the total cost.

Suzanne DeBolt

First, you’ll never meet a nicer individual and he did an excellent job in less than two hours. David brought two stump grinders in case one broke down. We are extremely impressed by the speed and professionalism of Roberts Tree service and also have all the wood chips for our natural areas and gardens. Roberts cost was very reasonable for the job preformed; a few years back we paid almost the same amount for half the number of trees removed by Roberts.

Walter Oberbeck

I contacted Mr Roberts through Angie’s list. He called me right away and setup a time to come out and give an estimate. Once we received the estimate the work was scheduled and completed as agreed. The crew was very professional and we are very satisfied with the work that was completed.

Sean Goff

I was pleasantly surprised at the quote which was lower than what I had paid a few years before with another company who only took down 3 trees. They did a great job of removing the debris and there was just minimal damage to my yard (i.e. some dents and some burns from the chain saws), but I expected that and they did warn me ahead of time that there might be some damage. The yard has pretty much repaired itself by now anyway.I would definitely recommend them and would use them again the next time I need tree removal work.

William Elliott

We loved him. My husband really liked the tree service we have been using. He did the work he said he was going to do. The first time he did some work for us, he called if he was going to be late. He was so good about that. I could not get over how good he was about that. I think that is a big deal. I sit here waiting for somebody to show up and they don’t call, they don’t let me know anything. I think he was only 10 minutes late but he called to say that he was running late. I think he said 15 minutes or so and he was here. I think my husband thought it was very reasonable. I don’t think he was the cheapest. We will definitely use him again, in fact there are couple of more trees we are going to get down eventually.